A heart for the “Kaiserpfalz“.

Declaration of Enrolment

We will do everything to make sure that the “Kaiserpfalz“ remains a location of inspiration also for future generations. We are therefore happy about every new member, who will help us to realise these goals.

A membership gives you several advantages: For only 12 Euros and a voluntary, tax-privileged donation you will receive one free entrance to the Pfalzmuseum. Moreover you may purchase the limited annual gift from a well-known artist and the popular Annafest beer jug by Harald Hubl at a bargain price.

This is exactly what you want? Then please follow us to our enrolment declaration.

Declaration of Enrolment

That’s how simple it is. Print the form, fill it in and send it by facsimile to: ++49 9191-714375 or send it by mail.

Download the declaration of enrolment as PDF file (121 KB)