Stone by stone pure history.

Heritage Museum "Red Wall"

Forchheim Fortress is one of the oldest and most important fortifications in southern Germany with a bastion defence system. Over the years it was repeatedly rebuilt and extended by various Bamberg  prince-bishops – artistically designed original armorial stones bear witness to 200 years of fortress history.

The HERITAGE MUSEUM in the oldest, old Italian bastion entertains with exciting productions, texts and radio plays and reconstructs the everyday life of a besieged town: Would you like to know, how the common soldier felt during the siege in the 30 Year’ War, what the ordinary towns people experienced? Then you can listen to a dramatic production here.

More information about the Event Museum "Rote Mauer" can be found in our Brochure "English version of the text boards".

Experience the history of the Forchheim fortress at the authentic, historical site, in the former casemate from the 16th century, which has been preserved in its original condition.

How the fortress came into being