Fun at work on our audios (German version only)

Death thwarts Lambert von Brunn's plans

The Prince Bishop of Bamberg and builder of the „Imperial Palace“ Lambert von Brunn had a very precise concept for the building in which he intended to reside in his old age. He had his palace sumptuously decorated and lavishly constructed. But in the end things did not go as planned. Let him tell you himself what actually transpired!

Sensational finds inspire an archaeologist

What a discovery. So many graves under the Town hall square brings an archaeologist into raptures. In the following audio clip you can hear what causes her excitement!

Heavy guns

During a pause in the battle a soldier tells us about the artillery of the period. In the audio you can learn more.

A lucky find (German version only)

While playing in the woods, children from Effeltrich find a horde of coins. Dominik Schuppenhauer, one of the finders, talks about the experience in the following audio clip. Wait and listen!

The Bell founder’s story

The bell founder of Forchheim, Conrad Roth was known and respected well beyond Forchheim’s boundaries. He had no lack of orders or work. He gives us his opinion of things in the following audio clip.

The brickmaker has earned the after-work beer

Finally the day’s work is finished! The tile maker sets his mark on the last tile of the day. Now he can relax. Just listen to what he has to say.

Johann Carl Kreul's groundbreaking invention

Before paints could simply be bought in tubes artists often related a tale of woe about the clumping and unevenness of pigments in their colours. Fortunately for all the skilful and ingenious Johann Carl Kreul had a brilliant idea. Do you want to know what ist was? Then listen to the audio clip.

The stinking factory Seltsam

Not an easy undertaking. The business was unpopular since it stank to high heaven and the people of Forchheim were outraged. What could be done about it. The company founder Dr. Seltsam drew his personal consequences early on and became a vegetarian! Never the less he was desperate for a solution until...! Listen for yourself to what he has to say about it in this audio clip.

The eyewitness report of Ludwig Bauer

In this clip Michael Höfer reads the eyewitness report of Ludwig Bauer who was 12 years old at the time. He reports about the dramatic events that took place in the night of 9th to 10th of November 1938 when a raging mob forced its way into Forchheim’s synagogue where his parents were living.

Travellers’ impressions of Italy (German version only)

So many new impressions! Colourful, sunny, almost paradise, such was the description given by Marlene Hahn, a traveller to Italy, on her first visit in the 1950s. The audio clip makes for interesting listening.

Franconian for beginners

If you want to know how Franconian expressions are spoken then listen to the following audio clip.

Fürst Pückler mocks the rural population (German version only)

In a report of his travels from the year 1831 Prince Pückler describes the characteristics of Franconian traditional costume in his own idiosyncratic style. This clip is worth listening to!

How the trout came to glory

If the fish in Forchheim’s coat of arms could only talk, then perhaps they they would give the same explanation about our misinterpreted heraldic symbol as our cheeky trout in the following audio clip.