Why not?

An evening at the museum

 Why shouldn't we just once - the French do the same - end the day with a visit to a museum? The Pfalzmuseum opens its doors longer once a month in the evening. On this special date, visitors are offered special expert and experiential tours of the collections. After the museum visit, the evening can be continued with a cosy visit to a pub or restaurant.

Look forward to the following offers, registration is required at the Pfalzmuseum for each tour:

Celebrate "Imbolc" with us!

The Celtic spring festival  

Experience the magic of fire and iron: Intensive guided tour through the Archaeology Museum of Upper Franconia on the living world of the Celts. Afterwards, guests will experience a short magical play scene: they will be present at the initiation rite of a new druid and greet the powerful energy of the budding spring with him. Please register in advance at the Pfalzmuseum.

Meeting point inner courtyard // 04.02.2024 // 17:00 // 12,00 € per person

Cricket on the cooker? Or was everything quite different?

Special guided tour on International Women's Day

Guided tour on the role of women from early history to the present day. How did the tasks and social position of women change in the different phases of history? An archaeological search for traces and answers. Please book in advance at the Pfalzmuseum.

Meeting point inner courtyard // 08.03.2024 // 19:00 // Guided tour fee: women € 7.00, men € 7.83

Pensala, Easter eggs and Passion Cribs

Special guided tour through the Easter exhibitions

See high-quality exhibits from the Pfalzmuseum's Easter egg collection, learn all about water worship and the cult of the fountain, and why the fountains in many places in Franconian Switzerland are decorated at Easter. Please book in advance at the Pfalzmuseum.

Meeting point Pfalzmuseum // 28.03.2024 // 19:00 // 7,00 € per person

Gods, Witches and Demons

Special guided tour on faith and superstition

We encounter them in our festivals, customs and traditions, on buildings and in art. But what is behind the sometimes eerily fascinating or eerily beautiful creatures and stories? And how do I get rid of "the ghosts I called..."? The guided tour at the Pfalzmuseum Forchheim will help you find out. Please book in advance at the Pfalzmuseum.

Meeting point Pfalzmuseum // 02.05.2024 // 19:00 // 7,00 € per person

Baroque pleasure - Baroque frustration

Experience with all your senses!

Immerse yourself in the world of the Baroque Era with all your senses on this adventure tour: with sparkling wine, beauty, horror and contemporary texts recited by Justus Silentium. Enjoy living history in the Pfalzmuseum and the Heritage Museum "Red Wall". Your hosts will tell you about their time, their past - the history of us all - in an entertaining way. This opens up new perspectives on supposedly old familiar things and you will get to know the glory and doom of an era personally, so to speak. Please register in advance at the Pfalzmuseum.

Meeting point inner courtyard // 07.06.2024 // 19:00 // Guided tour fee 12,00 € per person

Fire, mead and witch`s ointment

Look forward to experiencing history!

Already at the time of Charlemagne, Forchheim had an important function with the royal palace. With its many sights, the town provides the backdrop for our lively guided tour. How the common people lived, loved and died when witches and demons still populated the earth. Your guide will greet you with mead, the welcome drink from the drinking horn. He takes you on an exciting journey through the centuries. You will become a noble lady or a simple peasant yourself. Authentic props and your own experiments let you experience a time when water had to be fetched from the well and the hearth embers had to be kindled with a fire mallet.

Meeting point inner courtyard // 13.07.2023 // 19:00 // 8,00 € per person

At night in the museum

When old bones tell tales

Only when all the lights have gone out, darkness has spread and the protective cloak of silence lies over everything, do we walk through the history of mankind in the light of a torch with archaeologist Christina König and the Zeitgeist (Dr. Jost Lohmann) using selected exhibits. History comes to life! A guided tour for adults and children aged 12 and over.

Meeting point inner courtyard // 14.09.2024 // 20:00 // 9,00 € per person